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About Me

Collin Milfort is an all-encompassing artist and leader from Atlanta, Georgia! Immersed in the world of personal expression through dance from youth, his artistic journey began with clogging. As he grew older, he discovered the joys of theater, song, and dance, attending Heritage High School Academy for Performing and Visual Arts, where he majored in Music Theater.


While at the academy, his dedication shone through as he earned nominations for a Shuler Hensley Award for Best Supporting Actor in a musical and achieved regional finalist status in the August Wilson monologue competition. His passions led him to further pursue the work at Webster University, majoring in Musical Theater. There, He approached the work anew , as passion for musical theater dance began to blossom! In this space, he refined not only his dance and singing techniques but also built a robust foundation in acting, voice, and movement through the methods of Meisner, Alexander, Fitzmaurice, and Stanislavski.


Today, Collin can be seen regionally in various acclaimed theaters across the nation dancing and singing his heart out, as well as small SAG features in film and television! His role as a performing artist transcends boundaries, weaving a vibrant tapestry of expression and storytelling in every conceivable way.


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